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October 13, 2015


Product Review: Bali Mama Frangipani Body Polish

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For those who love the sweet floral scent of frangipani, you won’t be disappointed. This body polish  has a very concentrated, pleasant frangipani smell, which lingers on the skin (and in the bathroom) after showering. I received mine through the eco beauty subscription service – inthebox. It looks like a paste, and feels smooth, light, fluffy, and grainy – the latter which aided in exfoliation. When applied and rubbed against my skin, it…


Product Review: Katfood #nofilter Make Up Remover

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I love how pure and basic this product is. Natural, yet effective, katfood’s #nofilter Makeup Remover thoroughly removes all traces of make up. While it can get tricky when removing mascara, it does remove all traces of eye make up, and leaves my skin well moisturised after. Needless to say, this make up remover is gentle, and worked well with my sensitive skin. Smells yummy too! katfood founder, Kendra, has…


Product Review: Warbotanicals Eye Gel

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As advised, I store it in the fridge, so when applied around the eye area, it lends a pleasant, cooling feeling. It comes in gel form, and is very easy to apply. The texture is light, and glides on smoothly. It does not feel sticky nor oily. I typically use it before applying concealer daily, as it leaves my skin feeling moisturized and cool. It also has a nice light…


Product Review: Aroma Bar Rose Geranium Lip Smoothie – Romance Me

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I give this lip balm a thumbs up! I typically get dry lips quite easily. Having tried many different lip balms, I found this one really lasting with just one application on my lips. Just 1 single swipe across the lip, is more than enough. The fragrance is not strong nor artificial. I used it while on a 7-hour flight, and it was pretty lasting. I did not get any cracks or…