A basic aloe vera lotion recipe

The key to healthy, “young” skin is mainly moisture retention, and living in a humid, tropical climate like Singapore’s is a great advantage. All you really need is a fine, moisture preserving and binding film on your skin, nothing heavy and oily at all, and this simple base recipe is just that.

Combine 3 parts organic Aloe vera gel with 1 part of either Jojoba- or Rosehip oil, mix very well until it forms a smooth, mousse like lotion – you are all done, when the mixture thickens and turns opaque. I get the best and fastest mixing results with a milk foam beater!

If you prefer a very light lotion, add a few more drops of Aloe, or a little more of the oil if your preference (and requirement) is the reverse.

If your skin is rather dry and you spend most of your time in air conditioning, add a few drops of honey or vegetable glycerin to the mixture – it may feel slightly sticky at first, but will give you additional protection by binding moisture on your skin!

To this simple base mousse, add a few drops of an essential oil according to your needs -perhaps treatment of a specific skin condition for example- or the desire for scent.

Great oils to add for fragrance are Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, Vanilla, Osmanthus or any other flowery or woody scent; Lavender to treat slightly sunburnt skin, Myrrh or Frankincense for break outs and/or blemishes.

There are many books on essential oils and their healing properties available, and they often contain interesting and fairly easy recipes to try out.

Above is a real simple, nourishing and soothing basic moisturizer for everyday use; all necessary ingredients are easy to find, fairly inexpensive and completely safe!

At night it is actually best to leave your skin bare  – no creams, potions or masks –  so your largest organ can breath, recover and relax while you sleep.

Editor’s note: Ingredients such as organic rosehip, jojoba and some other oils can be purchased at Herbal Sense Life, and aloe vera gel can be taken from the plant itself or purchased from Eat ORGANIC.

Article contributed by Pipajo

Image taken from ~Mademoiselle G


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