Book review: Awakening Beauty the Dr Hauschka Way

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Awakening Beauty the Dr Hauschka Way by Susan West Kurz, with Tom Monte, talks about holistic beauty inside and out, where the focus is good health and wellbeing, which then shows as external beauty.  How this book stands out from the others is in its philosophy about beauty, and how we must heal ourselves with healthy food, body and beauty practices, and be in tune with our inner rhythms.

In this day and age where people expect quick fix skin treatments from the shelves of pharmacies and beauty stores, this book encourages healing of the skin and body with recommendations of easy homemade remedies and food recipes, meditation, exercise and rest. According to Kurz, in achieving a balance of our rhythmic clock, the key is in being consistent with our daily activities, but we also need to find out what our bodies need, as we are all different.

235362Life is about cycles, and as we age, we go through different life stages, and the way we see things change.  Kurz talks about these various stages and recommends that we embrace these changes to make the most of our lives, as we need to boost our life force – or chi. Throughout the book, there are many references to Rudolph Steiner, a highly-respected Austrian scientist and philosopher.

Other than explaining how our skin works and how to care for it, the book also explains the effects of diet and agriculture on aging and beauty, and how inflammation and oxidation occurs as the immune system’s reaction to toxins. Processed foods and high-fat animal products are discouraged, as well as alcohol, food with pesticides, and sugar. Green leafy vegetables and fruits come highly recommended, Kurz adds that if you support your kidney function, and heal your digestion, your skin will look beautiful.

Here is an excerpt from the book that I like,

“We cannot ingest agricultural toxins and expect to be healthy and beautiful. Every time we consumer these substances, they touch off an immune reaction that affects our skin and makes us vulnerable to illness.”

Kurz also talks about the Four Temperaments, an ancient form of psychology created by the Greeks, which makes reference to four personality types associated with nature. Everyone possesses these temperaments, and depending on which one we identify ourselves with at that moment, there are prescribed beauty treatments for the reader. I quickly picked out my (current) personality type and I found the accompanying advice to be helpful. It had mentioned that I need to improve my circulation, which many beauty therapists have advised me over the years.

I find this a highly educational and sensible book, and it is one that everyone needs to read. I enjoy thumbing through it once in a while to look up beauty recipes for my eczema and to remind myself of ways to slow down and take care of myself better.

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