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Caring for your pet the natural way

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With many people veering towards sustainable and ethical living, we too are becoming more open towards choosing greener, more eco-friendly options for ourselves, but our pets deserve the same care too. Here are some ways we can keep them healthier and happier.


What “organic”, “natural” and other claims really mean

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“Organic” and “natural” are among various labels available on the market, and are highly sought after as consumers presume an underlying promise of better results for all skin types. But as is commonplace with the personal care and cosmetics industry, these words are not well understood.


A basic aloe vera lotion recipe

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The key to healthy, “young” skin is mainly moisture retention, and living in a humid, tropical climate like Singapore’s is a great advantage. All you really need is a fine, moisture preserving and binding film on your skin, nothing heavy and oily at all, and this simple base recipe is just that.


Keeping your baby away from toxic products

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As a parent,  the wellbeing  of your baby would be one of your top priorities, picking out products that explicitly state how safe and gentle it is, trusting the manufacturers  to stick by their claims. But do you know that many of those products you have carefully handpicked because they promised “mild and gentle care for the baby” or to keep skin “soft and smooth” contain ingredients  that even we, as…


Dr Hauschka flagship store now open at ION Orchard

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Dr Hauschka recently launched their flagship store at ION Orchard. Well known for their high quality natural, organic and biodynamic skincare products, this new store houses all of their products and services, including skin care, cosmetics, information, dedicated advice and beauty treatments.


Make your own body scrubs

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To exfoliate is defined as ‘wash or rub with granular substance to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin.’ Removing dead skin cells helps to clarify and renew skin. Regular and proper exfoliation with the right ingredients, can give one glowing and clearer skin. In addition, this ensures better absorption of moisturizers and serums. Make-up can also be applied better on exfoliated skin for optimal results. Read here for…


Books: Toxic Beauty & Healthy Beauty

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Here are two book titles covering the same issue: what really is a safe and healthy cosmetic product? Or in other words: how little to trust PR, marketing and labelling!

Girl remove makeup by Cleansing cotton tissue

Cleansing ritual

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I have tried quite a few different cleaning options over the course of my life, from foamy water, water-based washing gels (no, not the organic kind), to cleansing lotions and plain organic soap and water and then some. I have since settled on one and I would like to share it with you.