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How to moisturise your skin naturally

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We are often warned about toxic ingredients used in personal care products, but it gets tiring to keep look out for them, especially if you are part of the population that does not speak the language of chemistry. To top that, buying organic products all year round can be expensive. Yet, your skin needs the attentive care it deserves.


Giveaway: max and me body oils

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Go beyond organic to the energetic virtues of these body oil blends from Austria. max and me body oil blends treat body, mind and soul as a complete entity for the purpose of making your skin glow with beauty. Available online at Pure Tincture, we have five miniature bottles of max and me body oils up for grabs, all you need to do is answer the question at the end…


Why you should think twice about your deodorant

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Living in a warm and humid climate such as Singapore means that most people are likely to use deodorants and antiperspirants. But have you ever questioned what makes these products so “effective”?


How safe is your nail polish?

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Many of us enjoy and even look forward to that manicure appointment. Adding a dash of style to our nails is always fun and exciting. However, it is important to note that it can come at a cost. The odour you are exposed to in nail salons is not only strong, but also rather toxic.


Caring for your pet the natural way

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With many people veering towards sustainable and ethical living, we too are becoming more open towards choosing greener, more eco-friendly options for ourselves, but our pets deserve the same care too. Here are some ways we can keep them healthier and happier.


What “organic”, “natural” and other claims really mean

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“Organic” and “natural” are among various labels available on the market, and are highly sought after as consumers presume an underlying promise of better results for all skin types. But as is commonplace with the personal care and cosmetics industry, these words are not well understood.


A basic aloe vera lotion recipe

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The key to healthy, “young” skin is mainly moisture retention, and living in a humid, tropical climate like Singapore’s is a great advantage. All you really need is a fine, moisture preserving and binding film on your skin, nothing heavy and oily at all, and this simple base recipe is just that.


Keeping your baby away from toxic products

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As a parent,  the wellbeing  of your baby would be one of your top priorities, picking out products that explicitly state how safe and gentle it is, trusting the manufacturers  to stick by their claims. But do you know that many of those products you have carefully handpicked because they promised “mild and gentle care for the baby” or to keep skin “soft and smooth” contain ingredients  that even we, as…