Cleansing ritual

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I have tried quite a few different cleaning options over the course of my life, from foamy water, water-based washing gels (no, not the organic kind), to cleansing lotions and plain organic soap and water and then some.

I have since settled on one and I would like to share it with you.

I distribute plain olive oil all over the face and eyes, in circular motions without rubbing too hard, to loosen and remove dirt and make-up. With a cotton pad soaked in fresh milk I wipe the oil and everything else off my face.

Sounds strange? It actually works great! A few splashes of water (or if you wish, a simple wash-off with a pure organic soap) and your skin is clean and moist.

To scent your olive oil, add fresh or dried herb or spice (a vanilla pod, for example) and set the oil aside for a while (approximately 3 weeks) in a dark place.

Of course, you can choose any oil you like and can afford – but as you will wipe it off and dispose of it, pricy and rare oils should really remain a food source rather than a cleansing agent.

You can scent any neutral tasting oil with herbs (Chamomile/ Lavender/ Calendula etc) or spices (Vanilla as above) or add a few drops of an essential oil of your preference to scent it – but be careful and avoid getting these oils into your eyes.

To end the cleaning ritual and prepare your skin – either for a restful and recovering sleep or as a slightly damp base for your day lotion/cream – a home-made toner is an optional but good choice.

A simple recipe

100 ml Rosewater (or any other floral water of your choice) with either a few drops of Myrrh, Lavender or German Chamomile Essential Oil, a splash of Arnica- or Calendula-Tincture (the alcohol base of the tincture acts as a preservative) and very little Aloe Vera Gel, all mixed well together, is a great, truly natural toner.

I enjoy the “little” home alchemy for all my cleaners, toners, shampoos, soaps, tinctures, lotions and creams and so on.

Experimenting in small batches and creating new recipes all the time is not only fun, it’s also a great way to learn more about plants and their healing properties, carrier and essential oils as well as other ingredients, and discover which combinations work really well for specific skin conditions, and concoct remedies that smell simply divine.

I hope that some of you will try and let me know what you think of the oil/milk cleansing combination? Happy experimenting!

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