Dr Hauschka Soothing Mask

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Designed to calm and balance the skin, this soothing mask is recommended to be used after the cleansing cream. Unlike the usual face masks that I know, this one does not hold on tightly to your skin, harden and flake, making it uncomfortable. Also, it sits as a transparent layer on the skin so it is not even obvious that you are wearing it.

Using the face mask after the cleansing cream has made even the hard skin around my nose soft and reduced its flakiness. Right after removal of the mask, the skin did feel smooth and soft, and very much relaxed.

I would recommend this to all types of skin. It is easy to use and only has to stay on for 20 minutes of your time. A good catch for busy people.

Reviewed by Vaishnavi

Image taken from Dr Hauschka

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