EcoStore coconut and vanilla body wash

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While using EcoStore’s coconut and vanilla body wash, the strong yet inviting smell of coconut with a trace of vanilla hit me first, followed by the realization that it does not lather as much as my previous mainstream brand of body wash.

But after just one wash, my skin felt soft, supple and moisturized, like skin is supposed to feel, as opposed to the dryness that I was used to, thanks to my old soap. I still felt much cleaner and fresher, despite the reduced foam, which was pleasantly surprising.

EcoStore products do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, artificial dyes, perfumes or preservatives. They combine essential oils and naturally derived moisturizers for a pleasant bathing experience.

A body wash that does its job, this is a good pick for anyone looking for just a normal body wash that cleans well, is devoid of toxic chemicals, and is rather reasonably priced at SGD 18.20 for a 400ml-sized bottle.

Reviewed by Vaishnavi

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Vaishnavi is an undergraduate environmental engineering student in National University of Singapore. Currently, she is pursuing a research-based study to evaluate the causes and effects of microplastics in Singapore’s seas and coasts. Her interests lie in finding ways of minimising toxicity of everyday products, conservation of biodiversity in Singapore and provision of a safer marine environment for animals. An animal lover, she is a vegetarian and feels strongly against animal testing. Holding the belief that science can also hold answers to the problems it seems to have created, she hopes she can work as a research fellow in the future, trying to find practical ways of fighting environmental problems.