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Go beyond organic to the energetic virtues of these body oil blends from Austria. max and me body oil blends treat body, mind and soul as a complete entity for the purpose of making your skin glow with beauty. Available online at Pure Tincture, we have five miniature bottles of max and me body oils up for grabs, all you need to do is answer the question at the end of this article.

Born out of a love story, Max and Me‘s Austrian founders Max and Tanja wanted to create body oil blends of infinite beauty and high energy which touch all levels of being – above and beyond embellishing the skin. The couple sees plants from a holistic point of view, encompassing its organic quality, skin-enhancing characteristics, as well as its pureness.

It is the belief of max and me that the physical and spiritual aspects of life are closely interconnected, knowing that only when you harmonize, balance and strengthen your physical body and your emotional well-being, can you achieve true beauty.

The range includes 7 different types of body oils, and carry beautiful illustrations of elves, and ethereal names, such as Mesmerizing, Queen of the Elves, A Journey in Time and Space, Crystal Clear Beauty, Flight to the Sun, Circle of Protection and Higher Energy.  Using utmost care, organic carrier oils and essential oils have been chosen from around the world for their pure quality. They include highly moisturizing cold-pressed carrier oils such as argan oil, marula oil, rosehip oil. Infused with the finest essential oils,  these products leaving the skin looking luminous, and feeling velvety soft.

In addition, the fragrant scents of max and me body oil blends give you the benefits of aromatherapy, helping to enhance your skin, as well as nourishing your well-being.

The production of max and me body oil blends is small-scale, lovingly handmade, careful with resources and respectful of nature.

So indulge yourself in one of these oil blends daily to see and feel the benefits.

To win a bottle of max and me body oil, answer the following question and email

What do the founders believe that one needs to do to achieve true beauty?

*update – all prizes have been claimed

Photos courtesy of max and me

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