Our favourite natural and organic soaps in Singapore

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If you are a bar soap aficionado and fussy about texture, froth, size, smell, residual effect, and you want it au naturel, this post is for you.


Admittedly, this is not the exhaustive list of all good natural or organic soaps in Singapore because we haven’t tried it all, but we have have tried a lot. Here are our top picks for now!

1. ecostore Manuka Honey & Oatmeal, $7.80 from The Naturally Better Company – This body soap has a mild, pleasant and comforting scent, the type of smell that would usually be associated with babies. It has flecks of oatmeal in the soap, which we felt, doubled up as a mild exfoliant. Also, it is very gentle, and is perfect for sensitive skin.

2. Wild Nature Face & Body Cleanser Bar, $14.99 at Katharos Organics – When we tried this soap, we loved it! It is very gentle, and barely has a scent. This soap bar lathers easily, and has a very thin consistency texture-wise. It is larger than standard sized soaps, so we found it to be of excellent value. This soap bar comes highly recommended! Find the ingredients list here.

3. John Masters Organics Orange & Ginseng Exfoliating Body Bar, $15 at Bud Cosmetics – If you love the smell of orange, this could be your new favourite soap bar. There is a lot to love about this soap – it lathers luxuriously, the smell gives you a calming, sense of warmth, it cleans well, and leaves your skin feeling moisturised. In our opinion, this soap has the most luxurious feel of the soaps tested. More details on its ingredients here.

4. Bodhi Goat Milk Handmade Soap, $6.90 at Scent Witch –  This soap  provides a rich lather, and moisturising feeling on the skin. It is very gentle, has a mild scent, and suits very sensitive skin. You can find the ingredients list here.

5. Blissoma Smooth and Sensitive Facial Cleansing Bar, $19.90 at Charis Naturals – This vegan oatmilk and lavender soap lathers well and has a smooth and creamy texture. It has a mild scent, and we like how soft our skin feels afterwards.  This is our favourite face wash soap bar to date. See here for the ingredients list.

We’ve heard that Suki’s Sensitive Cleansing Bar is very gentle for the face, and we have yet to try Dr Bronner’s soaps, but we will do that soon!

PS. We forgot to include Ai Funan body soaps, which come in incredible scents, our favourite is coconut, and frangipani is a close second. The soaps lather luxuriously and we would definitely buy it again. By buying these soaps, you are helping a women’s co-operative in Timor-Leste, and they make great gifts, please give them your support!

Written and reviewed by Olivia

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