Product Review: Aroma Bar Peppermint Energizing Shampoo and Conditioner

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Having tried normal to organic shampoos, this Peppermint Energizing shampoo has totally won me over. For a long time, I have been searching for a shampoo that can lock away frizziness, give a healthy, bouncy look, while being smooth to the touch.

This shampoo gave me that result, and also an uplifting sensation from the eucalyptus and mint. Just right for me and not too strong for daily use.

Imagine before switching to organic shampoos, I used to use Kerastase, that cost me above $25 for a small bottle and I would frequently experience dry and frizzy ends.

The shampoo is white with a smooth texture. Around 3 pumps is what I usually use for my hair, which is at chest level. It has enough foaminess, if you are one who prefers bubbles.

Also sometimes, after several washes over time, we may not feel the same positive effect from shampoos, before our hair begins looking dull again. I have been using this for a month, and I still get the same good result.

It is already great without a conditioner. Still, I use it during alternate hair washes. The conditioner has a really smooth texture, and smells just like the shampoo. A small amount is good enough to condition the hair, and leaves it equally smooth and bouncy.

I highly recommend the shampoo, as it’s the best organic hair shampoo I have tried so far, and reasonably priced. Thumbs up!

Peppermint Energizing Shampoo (240ML) and Peppermint Energizing Conditioner (240ML) are retailing at $17.50 each from Aroma Bar.

Reviewed by Brenda

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