Product Review: Naturalmente Scalp Therapy – Fuoco Shampoo & Balsamic Mask

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For much of my adult life, I’ve been looking for a shampoo that is suitable for my sensitive scalp. While some have come close, this has done the most for me so far, alleviating the daily itch and also addressing a dandruff problem. Previously, no matter how thoroughly I washed my hair, I still experienced flaking, and I think the issue was a dry scalp, and perhaps eczema has something to do with it, as I have it on my face. Also, the more stressed I felt, the more itchy it got.

After the first use of both the shampoo and hair mask, my scalp was a lot less itchy, and my dandruff had noticeably reduced.  I also try to manage my stress levels better and eat better, as I’m conscious that an allergy might also be contributing to the itch. With subsequent use, my scalp was rarely itchy, and dandruff is barely noticeable.

When using the Fuoco Shampoo, I realise that it can dry the hair a little, so it is advised that the this treatment be paired with a hair mask. The sales assistant at Adonica Kube said that I should use the Balsamic Mask (Maschera Balsamica) as a scalp conditioner after the shampoo, it also conditions my hair. Together, these two products are used every second day.

Fuoco is recommended to those with an sensitive, inflamed and/or itchy scalp, and the Balsamic Mask is catered to people who have dry hair, with a sensitive, and/or oily scalp.

The suggestions by the sales assistant were spot on, and I’m so impressed by the quick results I got from using both products! I would highly recommend Naturalmente’s range, if you’re not already satisfied with your current shampoo.

Fuoca Shampoo is available at Adonica Kube at $34.20 , while Balsamic Mask costs $40.50.

Reviewed by Olivia. Tester’s favourite!

Images courtesy of Adonica Kube

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