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Our favourite natural and organic soaps in Singapore

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If you are a bar soap aficionado and fussy about texture, froth, size, smell, residual effect, and you want it au naturel, this post is for you.


Product review: Aroma Bar Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang Rich Body Butter

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Using mainly organic ingredients, I’m impressed with this cream’s ‘richness’. This is the best moisturizer in terms of ‘richness’ I have tried. This is good for people with dry or very dry skin. It soothes and moisturizes severe scaly looking skin right up to chronic eczema conditions, and keeps it moist for a really long time. It leaves a slightly buttery/oily texture on your skin. However if you prefer a…


Make your own body scrubs

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To exfoliate is defined as ‘wash or rub with granular substance to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin.’ Removing dead skin cells helps to clarify and renew skin. Regular and proper exfoliation with the right ingredients, can give one glowing and clearer skin. In addition, this ensures better absorption of moisturizers and serums. Make-up can also be applied better on exfoliated skin for optimal results. Read here for…


Tallulah Jane Aiyana Natural Body Oil

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The Aiyana natural body oil by Tallulah Jane has a pleasant earthy, and slightly sweet scent. As this body oil is rich in texture and highly moisturising, those who are not used to body oils might find this a bit heavy. This is perfect for people with drier skin types and/or those who are in drier climates or spend a lot of time in air-conditioned spaces. Available at The Naturally…


Four Cow Farm Body Lotion

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This organic certified body moisturiser for babies has a smooth texture and a highly unique and comforting scent. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, my skin felt smooth and soft. I’d recommend this to adults for use on themselves as well as their children. Available from Four Cow Farm and some baby care stores in three sizes, ranging from $12.90 to $35.90. Reviewed by Olivia Image taken from…


Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo

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This minty Harmonic Shampoo by Intelligent Nutrients can be used as shampoo or a body wash. It doesn’t lather, so if you like your soapy bubbles, this will take some getting used to. I initially used it as a shampoo but later decided to use it as a conditioner, because of its rich texture, and it makes my fine hair look limp. This might better suit people looking to tame voluminous…


Dr Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil

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Dr Alkaitis products contain ingredients that are certified organic or wild-crafted, and I am a big fan of their products.