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Product Review: Aroma Bar Rose Geranium Lip Smoothie – Romance Me

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I give this lip balm a thumbs up! I typically get dry lips quite easily. Having tried many different lip balms, I found this one really lasting with just one application on my lips. Just 1 single swipe across the lip, is more than enough. The fragrance is not strong nor artificial. I used it while on a 7-hour flight, and it was pretty lasting. I did not get any cracks or…


Product Review: Aroma Bar Peppermint Energizing Shampoo and Conditioner

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Having tried normal to organic shampoos, this Peppermint Energizing shampoo has totally won me over. For a long time, I have been searching for a shampoo that can lock away frizziness, give a healthy, bouncy look, while being smooth to the touch. This shampoo gave me that result, and also an uplifting sensation from the eucalyptus and mint. Just right for me and not too strong for daily use. Imagine before…

Detergeant biologique,   vinaigre blanc, citron et  bicarbonate

World Environment Day Special: Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products

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What better way of making a difference on World Environment Day (5th of June) than by making our own green cleaning products that will not only be gentle on the earth, but also reduce waste.


Product Review: Warbotanicals Moroccan Rose Shampoo and Conditioner

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  I had quite a positive experience with Warbotanicals‘ Moroccan Rose Shampoo and Conditioner. I found the shampoo gentle and soothing for my sensitive scalp, and very pleasant to use. I like it a lot, and bought a bottle for my brother, who also suffers from an itchy scalp, most likely due to seborrheic dermatitis. The shampoo has a firm gel texture, kind of like aloe vera gel. It lathers well, and…


Product Review: Warbotanicals Organic Lavender Hand and Body Cream

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  This is my favourite hand and body cream of the moment, and for a long time I’m sure. I mostly use hand cream out of necessity, not so much because I love the experience, but this cream takes things up a notch! 


Green Your Kitchen for Earth Day and Earth Week!

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  It’s Earth Day today, not to mention Earth Week, and the best way to honour this time is to be especially mindful of our impact on the environment. When we use less chemicals, we are being gentler to ourselves and the environment. Check out our top 10 picks for green kitchen ware, cleaning tools and supplies. Happy Earth Day and Earth Week! 1. ScanWood Salad Set from Le Bono…


Decoding Beauty Product Ingredients

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We were recently featured in Aesthetics & Beauty (Singapore) magazine, where we talked about ingredients to avoid when buying skincare products and cosmetics, and why. Read the full article here.

herbs and essential oils on science sheet

What you need to know about essential oils

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We recently got together with certified aromatherapist Kuan Nee See of havaroma to find out what makes an essential oil the real deal. Kuan Nee answered our questions and helped us demystify the subject of essential oils. 1. How are essential oils “made”?  Essential oils are “made” by the plants themselves! They are the scientists, harvesting the energy and light from the sun, thus creating these essential oils. 2. How…