The Green Singapore Sale is back!

The Green Singapore Sale is back for a second year with a month of eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical shopping beginning 28 June 2013. Besides deals and discounts, what’s new this year is a weekend baazar showcasing a wide variety of green products from 24 local retailers.

From non-toxic beauty cosmetics and cleaning products, organic and fair trade clothing and accessories, to organic food, energy saving devices, and beyond, the Green Singapore Sale features special discounts on green products, making it more affordable to be an environmentally-conscious shopper.

The-Naturally-Better-Company-ecostore-Household-GroupOrganised by green product review site, Greenstore, the event runs between 28 June and 28 July, with a bazaar on the opening weekend of 29 and 30 June, from 11am-7pm at Downtown East, Main Street. Some participating retailers include The Naturally Better Company, Nothing But Green, Pure Tincture, Greenviron. To see all green deals, and full list of participants, please visit

In addition, Greenstore wants consumers to consider the impact(s) of our purchase on the earth and to buy only what we need, so we can tread a gentler carbon footprint on the planet.

Images courtesy of Greenstore and The Naturally Better Company


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